Exercise & Social Opportunities
    These small group activities are for fun and socializing.  Do as few or as many as you like.  For self-encouragement, you may wish to log your exercise activity and report it each week at church.  (The church will NOT keep individual tallys.)  You are also free to do none of the logging and reporting—YOUR choice. These activity groups are for three months.  Before starting any diet or exercise program, please consult with your doctor first.
Walking / Hiking
Galleria Mall Walk - Mon. Wed. Fri.
Contact: Mary Rivas
            10 a.m. – meet at the Food Court – upper level
Gage Canal Walk – Mon.Tues.Wed. Thurs.
            Contact: Margie Brodeur
            4-5 p.m. – meet and park on Margie’s street
            (Victoria to Mary to De Grazia)
Blue Mountain Hike in Colton – Thurs. (about 4 miles)
            Contact: Lyle Bennett
            Meet at church at 3:20 sharp or 4:00 at Blue Mt.
Blue Mountain Hike in Colton – Sunday (about 4 miles)
            Contact: Vivian Hernandez
            Contact: Ron Bowes 
            Meet at church on Sundays – 8 a.m.
            Contact: Lyle Bennett
            Church gym – Wed. 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.
            Play for fun and exercise!
Table Tennis a.k.a. Ping pong
            Contact: Carl Carnes
            Janet Goeske Center
Women’s Support Group
            Contact: Sandy Hartson
            Wed. 5:30 – 6:30 – the Vine Room at church
Open Gym Night – We need a contact person to be in charge for possibly Sat. nights?

Weight Loss Opportunity  
Arlington’s Biggest Loser
            Contact: Chris Grant
            3 months program
            Weigh-in every 2 weeks, starting Oct. 25th.
            Scale – around the corner by foyer bathroom
            Optional: $10.00 into the pot for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize
Before starting any diet or exercise program,
please consult with your doctor first.